Dave Ronald / wav-Dr.

Do you have a song that needs Mastering but can't afford it?

I can help

For a limited time I will offer mastering in exchange for social media hype. 

I will Master 1 track of yours for free - you give me a small amount of Promotion in return.

Follow the steps below and your song will be mastered - for free. No cost to you. 

Here's what I want to make the deal.

1.- Subscribe, Comment and add my video              'Just Do It- (Live) as a Playlist to your Youtube channel.

2.- Follow wav-Dr. and Dave Ronald on Spotify.

3.- Add at least 2 wav-Dr. songs to your Spotify Playlists. 

4- Follow me on twitter or Facebook and share your Playlist or my Video and tag me in your  post.

You'll find all the links and follow buttons here

Once you are done, send me your song

(max 5 min) as a 44.1 16bit wav file

(Make sure it's at least-3db to -5db so I can EQ and Compress it) in a dropbox 'type' folder to

Be sure to put 'Mastering deal' in the subject line.

And I'll Master your song for you.

1 song per person unless we work out another deal.

All audio and video on this page are examples of my mastering work as are any wav-Dr songs.

This offer is for a limited time.

Cheers, Dave Ronald