Dave Ronald / wav-Dr.

Magic happens when the perfection of produced beats blend with the imperfections of live instruments and this is evident in the wav-Dr a new project from Dave Ronald

A Rock guitarist inspired by Electronic music wav-Dr is fusing live instrumentation with beats, breaking Genres and Sub Genres as he goes.

wav-Dr collaborates with artists all around the world, enjoying how each musician brings their own distinct sound to the songs.

The collaboration stirring the most buzz is with singer songwriter Bonnie Legion with their Wav-Legion album.

Here's an Album review from Sparkling Sound Blog and another from stepkid.


wav-Dr is currently curating his live show and booking for the 2019 festival season. 


 Curious how wav-Dr blends it all together?

Watch this live off the floor video


Check back in for new music dropping weekly in 2019 across all platforms.


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